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About Artotel

Longing to make your creativity count?
If the answer’s ‘yes’, we’re looking for you!

We aspire to inspire our guests, enrich their cultural knowledge and delight them with highly personalised service. We aim to engage, not alienate – art’otel is for aficionados, culture vultures and novice art lovers alike.

We aim to welcome guests to the world of art’otel, where they take centre stage in a theatrical performance from the moment they check in to the moment their head hits the pillow. We aim to excite guests by sharing uniquely themed art and opening their minds to new experiences.

We celebrate talent and seek to provide a unique platform to showcase it. We don’t follow trends, we set them. We welcome open-minded free spirits. We aim to fan the flames of our guests’ imaginations.

Keen to make your mark? Let's talk.

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