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See original works by Georg Baselitz at art'otel berlin mitte

As much an art gallery as it is a hotel, art'otel berlin mitte displays the work of Georg Baselitz, one of Germany's most famous contemporary artists. Stroll past original Baselitz pieces in the public areas, or admire his work in the privacy of your guest room. Our city-centre Berlin hotel also offers free Wi-Fi, private parking and business services.

The historic Ermelerhaus, attached to the hotel, provides meeting facilities and fresh cuisine from Upside Down Bar & Restaurant. If you’d like to explore Germany’s capital, walk to the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building and Alexanderplatz, or board a train at the metro station just across from the hotel. Baselitz’s art and our city-centre location combine to create a one-of-a-kind experience of German culture.

100% non-smoking facility

art'otel berlin mitte
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Tue 18 Jun 2019 to Wed 19 Jun 2019
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Take an art tour at our Berlin hotel
Experience the Berlin art scene without stepping outside art’otel berlin mitte. We have an extensive collection of Georg Baselitz prints, which have a special place in his oeuvre. The artist embraced a broad range of printing techniques, ranging from etchings and woodcuttings to linocuts. Three large-format linocuts welcome guests in the reception hall, among them an eagle that appears again and again in Baselitz's works. The eagle, a reference to the changing history of Germany, appears as a series of lines and strokes, changing from a symbol to a pure drawing.

On the way to Upside Down Bar & Restaurant, you can see Baselitz at work in a picture taken by Benjamin Katz. Katz was Baselitz's gallerist during the 1960s. In one of their exhibitions, two of Baselitz's paintings were seized by the authorities due to their purported “immoral” content.

While provocative and violent subjects often stood at the centre of his paintings, the graphic works speak a gentler language. Thus, the hallways of the first, second and third floors exhibit the etchings from the group of works entitled Trees (1974), in which Baselitz does not so much realistically depict the rich variety of forms of individual trees and tree groups, but rather re-creates them pictorially out of lines and strokes—like the pages of the series Huts (1972) on display in the hallways on the fourth and fifth floors.

On the sixth floor, you can view the etchings from 1973 in which Baselitz alludes to his own drawings from 1959, translating them to the medium of print. The retrospective allusion to past themes and works is characteristic of Baselitz’s work, particularly since the 1990s. Each series in the corridors is accompanied by framed book pages showing the master at work and quoting some of his statements explaining his artistic development.

A series of silk prints in the restaurant reflects Baselitz's friendship with Ralf Winkler, who under the name A. R. Penck has become one of the most significant postbellum artists. Via the restaurant, the guests can enter the historical Ermelerhaus, which has been integrated into the hotel—a masterful achievement of the architects at Nalbach + Nalbach. The rooms of the first floor captivate with their restored intricate rococo ceiling paintings. The new minimalist furniture and the contemporary works by Strawalde, Christo and Vostell offer an exciting combination of old and new.

Following your tour through this striking building, head to the light-filled Upside Down Bar & Restaurant, lodged between the new building and the historic Ermelerhaus. The graphic prints by A. R. Penck serve as an appetiser for art'otel dresden, which is dedicated to him.

With its design closely coordinated with the art it exhibits, art'otel berlin mitte celebrates an artist who has shaped contemporary art like no other, making your stay here an unforgettable experience.