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Our boutique hotel near Kurfürstendamm features art by Andy Warhol

Conveniently located near ICC Berlin and Kurfürstendamm, a major shopping destination, the distinctively designed art’otel berlin kudamm displays original artwork by famous Pop artist Andy Warhol. We also offer guests a variety of amenities, including free high-speed Wi-Fi and an on-site fitness centre and sauna. Keep well-rested during your stay at this central, boutique-style hotel in a spacious room featuring Warhol prints, modern décor, flat-screen TVs and plush bedding.

Ideal for both leisure and business travellers, this accommodation offers private parking, comprehensive business services and a fitness facility. With its trendy, art-inspired design, comfortable rooms and first-rate amenities, art’otel berlin kudamm is one of the top hotels in the Berlin city centre. 

100% non-smoking facility (smoking allowed in garden area)

art'otel berlin kudamm
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hotel art tour

At art'otel berlin kudamm, Warhol’s famous Campbell’s soup cans transform the hallway of the hotel’s first floor into an art gallery. Among his most significant works are the Marilyn portraits, which are displayed in various hotel rooms. Fascinated by the glamour of the stars, Warhol created numerous pictures of the actress, thus contributing decisively to her fame.

Our hotel’s excellent collection comprises exciting rare works that enrich one’s insight into the artist, revealing his enigmatic qualities. Take the Andy Warhol art tour to see each original work. Just one floor up from the lobby, you can see the still-life space fruits from 1979, and on the third floor, you can see the Shadows series—mysteriously sparkling abstract works awash in diamond dust that communicate an intimation of a dark netherworld.

In his late works, Warhol experimented with motifs borrowed from masterpieces of European art history. For his Saint Apollonia series on the fourth floor, he used a Tuscan painting of the Renaissance as his model. The graceful saint, an early Christian martyr, is presented with pincers in which she holds a tooth—an indication of her own ordeal and of her mission as the patron saint of those suffering from toothache. 

Warhol was a multitalented artist, and he made a name for himself as a photographer, a filmmaker and an author. He supported the band The Velvet Underground with musicians like Lou Reed, designing the cover of the band’s first album with the characteristic banana that has since become known through the work of the graffiti artist Thomas Baumgärtel—he sprays them as a ‘seal of quality’ next to the entrances of significant cultural facilities. On the fifth floor, you can see the original on an album cover next to the elevator.

When Andy Warhol returned to painting in 1972, following a period in which he dedicated himself exclusively to making films, he opted to make a portrait of Mao, creating a series of printed works that can be seen on the top floor of the hotel.

Each series of works is accompanied by black-and-white photographs in the corridors taken by Warhol’s companion, Christopher Makos, who for years documented the encounters of his friend with celebrities of the period, chronicling at the same time Warhol’s steady decline that began after an assassination attempt in 1968.

Warhol died in New York City on 22 February 1987.