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art'otel budapest with high style and Donald Sultan artwork

Located opposite the Hungarian Parliament on the Danube River, art'otel budapest displays more than 600 original works by Donald Sultan, a renowned contemporary artist. This hotel in Budapest features convenient amenities for business and leisure travellers, including free Wi-Fi, valet parking and a fitness centre with a sauna. Guests also enjoy the hotel's spectacular castle and Danube River views, plus hotel rooms that feature cutting-edge decor. If you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, make your way to the hotel's exceptional Drawing Room and art'bistrobar restaurants. Reserve your stay at the sophisticated art'otel budapest to enjoy the fusion of art, travel and design at one of the top hotels in Budapest.

art'otel budapest, by park plaza
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Sun 26 Feb 2017 to Mon 27 Feb 2017
From USD $84 per night
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Learn more about Donald Sultan at this Budapest art hotel
Born in 1951, Donald Sultan was the son of a tyre dealer in Asheville, North Carolina. After completing his studies in art while living in Chicago, Sultan moved to New York in order to start his career as an artist. In those days, young artists were often advised not to get involved in painting, purportedly an outmoded form of representation.

But Sultan still chose to paint, and he got involved in the ongoing controversy surrounding painting. A group of abstract expressionists headed by Jackson Pollock advocated largely abstract, personal and spontaneous painting; for another group known as minimalists, painting had to do with canvas and colour—it could not refer to things beyond them. In their rigorously composed colour-field painting, they stressed the object and character of their works.

Within this field of tension, Donald Sultan began to forge his own way, searching for opportunities to combine the demands of the minimalists with traditional painting. Using typical off-the-shelf linoleum tiles, he discovered a material that was congenial to the realisation of his ideas. He abandoned the traditional canvas, glued the standard-sized tiles to plywood, covered them with a layer of tar and cut forms out of this tough black mass, which he then filled with colour.

In the collection at art'otel budapest, you can see artworks from his three central thematic fields: the 'Industrials', the 'Naturals' and the 'Artificials'.