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Our hotel in Budapest features original artwork and river views

Nestled on the bank of the Danube River, art’otel budapest offers views of the water and Buda Castle from its modern rooms and suites. This stylish hotel features bold colours, contemporary décor and nearly 600 paintings by American artist Donald Sultan. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi, valet parking and a fitness centre with a sauna during your stay.

In addition to scenic views, each of our 165 rooms provides air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a minibar. If you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, make your way to the Drawing Room restaurant or art'bistrobar. Our proximity to popular attractions such as Széchenyi Chain Bridge makes art’otel budapest an ideal starting point for experiencing Hungary’s vibrant culture.

100% non-smoking facility

art'otel budapest
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Sat 25 May 2019 to Sun 26 May 2019
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Experience Donald Sultan's contemporary art at our Budapest hotel
When he arrived in New York, artist Donald Sultan was fascinated by the industrial cityscape. The black tar surfaces of his early works evoke images of factories with chimneys puffing out smoke. The factory smoke, ephemeral and frail, appears in several variations in the series “Smoke Rings,” which is included as part of our collection. The smoke rings of a cigarette float against the dark background like a sublime warning of the risks of such indulgence.

Sultan's elegant artworks still live, and despite their ostensible decorativeness, they have a morbid touch. In the tradition of the masters of impressionism, Sultan paints fruits, flowers and eggs, but some appear to be coloured black, confusing the viewers’ perceptions. Are they really looking at fruit, or is there a black hole opening up in the midst of the composition?

Playing with contrasts is characteristic of Sultan's oeuvre. The works belonging to the Artificial theme include prints and paintings from the series “Dominoes and Playing Cards,” featuring stones and cards whose symbols and dots obey a mysterious order. The white dots of the domino stones reappear in the buttonholes of the series “Buttons.”

The ambiguity of forms runs through all of Sultan's work. The smokestack turns into a streetlamp; the stem of a tulip turns into a vase. The smoke of a factory transforms into fragile blossoms; a lemon transforms into the light bulb of a streetlight or the calyx of another tulip.

After your tour through art’otel budapest, relax at the Drawing Room restaurant, also adorned with Sultan’s works. Sultan himself helped to structure our beautiful hotel, which seamlessly combines the modern and the historical, by suggesting a design coordinated to his art. A series of exquisite sculptures complete this artistic building on the shores of the Danube and help make your stay an unforgettable event.