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Book art'otel cologne along the Rhine River in Germany

Nestled in the Rheinauhafen Port of Cologne on the banks of the Rhine River, the chic art’otel cologne provides a relaxing experience in a vibrant art-infused setting. Enhanced with a permanent collection of works by Korean-born artist SEO, our hotel’s amenities include on-site dining, business services, free Wi-Fi and meeting facilities designed to ensure successful business trips and memorable holidays.

Within walking distance of the city’s primary train station, art’otel cologne puts guests near popular local attractions such as the Chocolate Museum and the Cologne Cathedral, a World Heritage site. Setting new trends in fashionable stays, art’otel also offers selective packages for business and leisure travellers.

100% non-smoking facility

art'otel cologne
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Mon 17 Jun 2019 to Tue 18 Jun 2019
From USD $111 per night
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Hotel art tour

Experience SEO art in this gallery-like hotel
On entering the hall, guests see the spectacular SEO art that defines the hotel—Aluminum Waterfall. Immediately afterward, there are two more pictures: Infinite Chasm and Vertical Field in which a river makes its way through a deep ravine. In the adjacent bar and to the left, SEO's water theme continues with children playing on their cloud swing and a mysterious doorway arch, featuring a linking element of Korean verses in crystals that softly cover the earth. In the restaurant, guests find the four-part, panorama-like work Global Roses, which refers to Claude Monet's famous Sea Roses. Here, the water sprite is dreaming of colourful fish frolicking in tropical waters. 

Outside the conference rooms, guests discover two additional pictures of ravines. These paintings continue the motif of fissured rock formations begun by the works in the foyer. In the corridor on the way to their rooms, guests pass numerous prints of SEO's early series, the originals of which can now be found in some of the world's best-known art collections. A total of 20 cheerful motifs turn five floors of the hotel’s corridors into an amazing gallery of art.

Each of these series is complemented by an original work: on the first floor, the river Indians are travelling across a lake in their boat; on the second floor, visitors will find Illusion; and on the third floor The Little Monk, deep in contemplation with nature and with himself, kneels by a stream. On the fourth floor, a mighty hilltop and infinite sky are reflected in the water in a horizontal field, conjuring fine-weather clouds onto the entire surface of the picture. In The Fifth Season on the fifth floor, SEO expands the four seasons to include a fifth, which is devoted entirely to rest.

When guests reach their room, after SEO’s colourful world tour, they arrive at self-communion and inner contemplation. Further prints await them in their retreat: a golden rice field, a scene at dusk that conveys a world of longing, and a peaceful river landscape. After leaving this unique art spa refreshed, guests can proudly discover SEO's masterpieces in the best-known museums and collections spread throughout the world.