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Breast Cancer awareness month – October 2016

Think Pink art'otels

October marks the start of THINK PINK! for Breast Cancer awareness month. All art'otels  are working together to raise funds and create lots of awareness in support of three inspiring Breast Cancer charities.

Here are just some of the ways you can join us in raising funds for our chosen Breast Cancer awareness charities

  •  Enjoying our THINK PINK! cocktail or mocktail and we will donate €4
  • Adding €1 to your room bill

This year we are proud to support the following three charities: Egeszseghid in Hungary and Pink Ribbon in The Netherlands and Germany.

Germany Hungary The Netherlands
art'otel berlin kudamm art'otel budapest art'otel amsterdam
art'otel berlin mitte
art'otel cologne
art'otel dresden

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