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A new exhibition at the Kunsthalle Dresden

A dialogue between Bai Di and A.R. Penck

Bai Di and A.R. Penck - A Dialogue Over Half a Century. Half a century of history and experience lies between these two artists. 

The exhibition shows the creative power of two artists whose courage and daring can often have more influence on the work than the creativity itself. Bai Di was born in 1986 in Beijing. At the age of 24, she graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Instead of following the 2000-year-old Chinese tradition, she renounces ink painting on rice paper and scroll painting, preferring instead to bring oil to the canvas. Already during her art studies Bai Di was honored in her homeland with numerous prizes for up-and-coming artists. This was followed by solo and group exhibitions - first in China and soon in Europe, where her works have already been shown in Vienna and Hamburg. Today Bai Di lives and works in both Hamburg and Beijing. Born in Dresden in 1939, the artist A.R. Penck was self-taught, he became world famous with his pictures. His chosen form of art was primarily graphic symbols and abbreviations reminiscent of millennia-old cave paintings and calligraphy. Spied on by the Stasi and later expatriated because he campaigned for the abolition of the German-German border and for the dissidents Rudolf Bahro and Robert Havemann, he then lived and worked in Kerpen, London and Dublin. In 1995, on the roof of art'otel dresden Penck 2.5 tons heavy, 6.4 meters high bronze sculpture "Standard T (x)" was set up. The hotel also exhibits a permanent Penck exhibition of 694 sculptures, graphics and paintings. 

Roger Schwinkendorf, Operations Manager at art'otel dresden: "The exhibition unites the works of two artists who, at first sight, can not be more different. They were 50 years apart, grew up in different systems and acquired their artistic skills in completely different ways. And yet they have many things in common. Both are and were completely unadapted, daring and in love with freedom. Both resisted the expectations from the outside and created their own artistic signature with a real arc of suspense. We are proud to be able to show this extraordinary exhibition.

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